Our Science

INOVIQ is developing innovative solutions using our proprietary SubB2M™, NETs, hTERT and BARD1 technologies to improve patient health outcomes, initially for earlier cancer detection.

A biomarker capture platform that uses proprietary molecular NETs to capture and purify target molecules from patient samples in a scalable, rapid and cost-effective method for use in high throughput laboratories. The NETs platform enables access to the fast growth liquid biopsy market.
A pan-cancer probe that is specific for the detection of cancer and has the potential to complement other technologies and biomarkers to detect specific cancers using a range of testing methods such as immunoassays, circulating tumour cells and PET imaging.
An immunocytochemistry (ICC) assay that tetects hTERT, a component of telomerase, which is upregulated in most uman epithlial cancers. The initial commercial application is the hTERT tet as an adjunct to urine cytology to assist the diagnosis of bladder cancer.
A biomarker platform covering various BARD1 tumour markers including nucleic acids, proteins and autoantibodies. The first application is the BARD1 autoantibody tests for early detection of ovarian and breast cancers.