Promega Logo
Global joint Marketing Agreement with Promega Corporation for INOVIQ’s EXO-NET exosome capture technology and Promega Nucleic Acid purification systems to provide exosome solutions for EV isolation, biomarker discovery and diagnostics development.
ResearchDx Logo
License and Supply Agreement with ResearchDx for INOVIQ’s EXO-NET® pan-exosome capture product to provide EXO-NET enabled high-throughput exosome isolation, biomarker discovery and diagnostics development services in the USA.

Master Service Agreement to provide contract research services to develop and validate INOVIQ’s SubB2M tests for detection of breast and ovarian cancers.
MP Bio Logo
Master Manufacturing Agreement with Singapore-based MP Biomedicals for contract manufacture of cGMP-grade SubB2M protein for INOVIQ’s SubB2M tests.
The University of Queensland Research and Option Agreement with UniQuest for EXO-NET enabled exosome isolation and biomarker identification, and development of an earlier detection test for ovarian cancer.
Griffith University Institute for Glycomics collaborative Research Agreement for development of SubB2M pan-cancer probe assays for detection of a range of cancers.
Percorso Life Sciences Service Agreement to provide US-based contract sales and logistics services for INOVIQ products.