The Team

Dr Leearne Hinch

Chief Executive Officer

Biotechnology CEO with a successful track record in corporate development, capital raising, product development, commercialisation and licensing.

Past leadership and consulting roles in ASX-listed biotechnology, multinational and private companies across diagnostics, devices, therapeutics and animal health including Eustralis Pharmaceuticals, HealthLinx, OBJ, Holista Colltech, Virbac and Mars.

Dr Gregory Rice

Chief Scientific Officer

Internationally recognised, award winning scientist with over 35 years' experience and a successful track record in oncology research, exosome science, biomarker discovery, and diagnostics development.

Previous leadership roles in academia and industry including at Uni Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, Baker Heart Institute, University of Melbourne, Monash University and HealthLinx.

Mark Edwards

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Highly experienced finance executive with expertise in financial leadership and management, corporate governance, investor relations and corporate transactions.

Previous senior roles in ASX listed pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies, including Medical Developments International and Cogstate.