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EXO-NET® is a fast, reproducible and scalable EV isolation tool for biomarker discovery and diagnostic development. To learn more, watch the EXO-NET plasma EV isolation training video.

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  How Does EXO-NET® work?

EXO-NET bead volumes may be adjusted according to biofluid or application. However, the following protocol may be applied for most generic applications enabling EVs isolation from body fluids within 15 minutes for downstream analysis of EV biomarkers (proteins, RNAs, lipids).

This workflow can be adapted for high throughput screening of EVs and exosome-based biomarker discovery for diagnostics and therapeutic targets.

  The EXO-NET® Solution - Immuno-Magnetic Bead Based Capture System

Despite the explosion in exosome research and their potential in disease (especially cancer) diagnostics, exosome-associated biomarkers have not yet been translated to meet the rapid developments in molecular medicine for commercial liquid biopsy applications. This is primarily due to the limitations of current exosome capture and isolation methods, which are time consuming, operator dependent and not scalable. These limitations are overcome by using INOVIQ’s EXO-NET® technology.

1EXO-NET comparison to traditional exosome isolation methods

EV Enrichment Techniques Time Cost Scalability Contaminants Specificity
Polyethylene glycol precipitation          
Size exclusion chromatography          
High MW centrifugal filters          
Differential ultracentrifugation          
Tangential flow filtration          
Affinity chromatography          
Immuno-magnetic bead capture*          

*EXO-NET® is an immuno-magnetic bead capture system.
1Adapted from Salomon et al (2022) Extracellular Vesicles and Their Emerging Roles as Cellular Messengers in Endocrinology: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement, Endocrine Reviews, Endocrine Reviews, 2022, 43, 441–468


EXO-NET® allows for improved purity and yield, fast and efficient capture and isolation of extracellular vesicles from any liquid biopsy sample. The technology is highly scalable and is compatible with existing automated testing systems making it ideal for high volume research and commercial laboratory applications used in the analysis of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.


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  Product Features
EXO-NET® Pan-Exosome Capture Features
High Speed Easy and convenient workflow with EVA capture ion 15-30 minutes (with batch processing)
High Specificity EV-surface antigen capture
High Purity Reduced co-isolation of contaminants and high enrichment of EV RNA and protein biomarkers
Reproducible Demonstrated intra- and inter-assay reproducibility
Sample Versatility Optimal solution for low-volume and rare samples (plasma, urine, saliva, cell conditioned medium)
Downstream Compatibility Compatible for use with downstream applications (qPCR, Mass Spec, ELISA, FTIR, FACs)
Customisable Ability to isolate specific EV subpopulations for use in target disease indications
Scalable Suitable for high-throughput processing in routine pathology workflows