NETs Platform


Answering the need for a universal biomarker sample preparation technology

INOVIQ’s NETs technology is a sample preparation platform with the potential to revolutionise the performance of liquid biopsy diagnostic assays. The market potential for liquid biopsy applications is estimated at billions of dollars annually.



Liquid biopsy can eliminate the need to carry out invasive tissue biopsies for cancer detection and treatment monitoring, since samples such as blood that contain specific, tumour-associated biomarkers can be used instead. However, what has been lacking until now is a universal capture technology that can provide upfront enrichment of target molecules from patient samples that can be applied to any of the disease-specific targets in a scalable, rapid and cost-effective method for utilisation in high throughput pathology laboratories. Current biomarker extraction methods are often complicated, labour intensive, time consuming and require specialised equipment such as ultracentrifugation.

INOVIQ’s NETs technology

Our NETs technology provides a universal capture technology that allows for fast, accurate and efficient capture and isolation of biomarker-containing targets such as cells, exosomes, or molecules (e.g. proteins, DNA, RNA), from the liquid biopsy sample. The technology is highly scalable and is compatible with existing automated testing systems making it ideal for high volume clinical laboratory applications. NETs also allows a pathology laboratory to offer a wide range of diagnostic tests (beyond cancer liquid biopsies) using the same initial sample preparation method. This is unique to the NETs technology as it is highly customisable. Examples of diagnostic applications investigated using the technology include:

  • Utilising our proprietary NETs technology, INOVIQ has developed EXO-NET®, a pan-exosome capture tool for research use.

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