EXO-NET® Pan-Exosome

Introducing EXO-NET® Pan-Exosome Capture

Exosomes are a sub-fraction of a much broader population of extracellular vesicles (EVs). They are 30-150nm particles secreted from most cells, including cancer cells, into biofluids including plasma, urine, saliva, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), breast milk, serum, amniotic fluid, synovial fluid, and tears. EVs are not only recognised as fundamental elements in intercellular communication between cells but also play important roles in preventing or promoting various diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and metabolomic disorders. The content, or cargo, of EVs consist of nucleic acid (microRNAs, mRNAs, and DNA), lipids and proteins. These specific cargos facilitate both normal physiological and pathological (disease) processes. EVs represent valuable sources of critical information, with potential uses in the early diagnosis, prognosis, and potentially treatment of different type of cancers and other chronic disease. That is why exosomes represent an exciting new avenue of diagnosis.

Introducing EXO-NET® Pan-Exosome Capture. INOVIQ’s proprietary EXO-NET® reagent is a ‘research use only (RUO) product for the fast, efficient capture and isolation of small EVs from any liquid biopsy and cell culture sample. EXO-NET® is provided as a 1ml vial containing magnetic beads coated with a specialized multi-layered matrix that rapidly and specifically captures small EVs. The matrix contains several different antibodies that bind to common small extracellular vesicle proteins. EXO-NET® is highly scalable and is compatible with existing automated testing systems making it ideal for high volume research and commercial laboratory applications.

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