SubB2M CA125

SubB2M/CA125 Test | Ovarian Cancer Monitoring

The SubB2M/CA125 blood test is a simple, accurate and affordable immunoassay developed using a CA125 monoclonal antibody and SubB2M detection reagent. The test is designed to detect CA125 that is produced by cancer cells, resulting in improved specificity for cancer and potentially reducing false positive test results.

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The SubB2M/CA125 test has been analytically validated to be robust and reproducible:

  • Excellent reproducibility with less than 5% variability within assays and less than 10% variability between assays;
  • Acceptable Limit of Quantitation of less than 4 Units of CA125 per ml of serum;
  • High overall accuracy in 334 sample study with sensitivity of 76% and specificity of 94% for detection of ovarian cancer.

The next steps are to further optimise the SuB2M/CA125 test performance before moving to clinical validation for monitoring ovarian cancer.


SubB2M cancer monitoring program and the difference between analytical and clinical validation

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